THRIV's Technology Checklist

We believe IV Workflow Management System (IV-WMS) technology should meet or exceed these criteria:

Workflow Management Software

Software that guides compounders and/or robotics step-by-step through IV recipes:

  • Interfaced with medication-order systems to populate user interfaces with up-to-date IV orders, which may be re-queued as urgency requires.
  • Guiding compounders step-by-step through each recipe with specific instructions and forcing functions that won’t allow proceeding to next steps until previous steps have been completed and verified.
Barcode Scanning

Scanning bar codes to ensure all components/ingredients are correct.

Volume Verification

Employing a combination of proven technologies that verify volumes of base solutions and additives are correct which include:

  • In-process Image Capture (or live video): requiring and enabling a second set of physical eyes to verify right drugs and right volumes were used.
  • Gravimetrics: weighing ingredients before and after draws and fills to verify volumes and final products.
  • Volumetrics: technologies that automatically draw, release, measure, and verify delivered volumes.
  • Optical Volume Recognition: employing technological eyes to auto-verify syringe draws.
Auto Labeling

Bar-coded labels produced or verified + activated for final preparations.

Auto Documentation

Concurrently auto documenting and time-stamping each preparation step.