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As a coalition, we can increase IV accuracy and prevent harm, including death, by promoting the universal adoption + faithful utilization of workflow management safety systems.

I invite you to add your name to our growing list of THRIV Champions (below)—comprised of pharmacists, nurses, technicians, physicians, other healthcare providers + consumers.

Together for IV accuracy
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Mark Neuenschwander

Founding Director
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David Bates Physician, Patient Safety Leader
Michael Cohen Founder + President of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices
Henri Manasse, Jr Past CEO of ASHP + Professor in Colleges of Pharmacy
Marianne Ivey Pharmacist + Professor, Past President ASHP
Marc Swiontkowski Orthopedic Surgeon, Editor-In-Chief of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
Christina Michalek Medication Safety Expert
Robert Wachter Physician, Pioneer of Hospitalist Medicine
Mark Neuenschwander Medication Safety Advocate
Darryl Rich Past Associate Director of the Joint Commission, ISMP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Rayburn Vrabel Pharmacist, Retired
Steve Rough Pharmacist + Consultant
Rafael Saenz Chief Pharmacy Officer
Jerry Fahrni Pharmacist + Informatics
David Bronstein Editorial Director, Pharmacy Practice News
Kevin Hansen Assistant Pharmacy Director, Sterile Products
Tina Suess Nursing + Pharmacy Informatics
Dennis Killian Pharmacist, VP Clnical Operations
Jeff Brittain Pharmacy Director
Jay Crowley Unique Device ID Expert, Past Senior Advisor for Patient Safety, FDA
Charles Boicey RN + Nursing Informatics
Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio Nurse + Patient Safety Leader
Dennis Schneider IV-WMS Invention Team
Armen Simonian Pharmacist + College of Pharmacy Professor in Pharmacy Informatics
Rich Paolette Pharmacist, Hospital Administration
Rita Shane Chief Pharmacy Officer, ISMP Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Christopher Chabris Behavioral Scientist, author The Invisible Gorilla
Dave Kvancz Chief Pharmacy Officer + Consultant
William Churchill Chief Pharmacy Officer, Retired, Pharmacy automation thought leader
Eric Kastango Pharmacist + Clean Room Safety Expert
Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Medication Safety
Stephen Eckel Pharmacist + Researcher
Ernest A. Anderson Past Chief Pharmacy Officer + Consultant
Fred Massoomi Pharmacist, Compounding Compliance and Safety Expert
Mark Sullivan Executive Director of Pharmacy Operations
Jim Jorgenson Pharmacist, Past Executive Director of Pharmacy, CEO of Pharmacy Consulting Firm
Dave Webster Associate Director of Pharmacy, Director of Pharmacy Compounding Operations
Laura Mark Health System Pharmacy Director
Linda Barker Abernathy in memory of her father Kenneth N Barker
Maureen Burger Chief Nursing Officer, Medication Safety
Arpit Mehta Pharmacy Director
Derek Gillespie Pharmacy Operations Manager
Ulrike Kreysa Healthcare Barcode Standards
Tim McMenamin Medical Marketing
Kimberly Mehta Pharmacist, Director of Medication Safety and Regulatory
Thomas Moniz Director of Pharmacy Operations
Paul Seelinger Medication Technology Developer
Barbara Olson Medication Safety + Just Culture Advocate
Barbara Trhoimovich Pharmacist + IV Technology
Tim Vanderveen Pharnacust + Smart Infusion Pump Pioneer
Gwen Volpe Pharmacist, Medication Technology and Analytics
Neal Long IV-WMS Technology Provider
Wendy Wittwer Nursing Informatics
Nancy Blumer Infusion Center Manager
Mahmoud Abumandil Pharmacy Director
Lindsey Adams Sterile Products Compliance
Jeffery Akers System Director of Pharmacy
Terri Albarano IV-WMS Provider
Ahmad Aljohani Pharmacist
Lindsey Amerine Director of Pharmacy
Bannout Aoun Pharmacy Technician
Paul Baker Compounding Compliance Coordinator
Verity Baker Pharmacy Technician
Amiee Dorn USP Regulatory and Compliance Products
Linda Barcelona Pharmacist
Blake Barlow Pharmacist
Ashley Isom Pharmacist
Christine Barnes System Director Pharmacy
David Bartel Consultant
Atamjit Bassi Pharmacy Technician
Matthew Beaulac Pharmacist
Thomsa Karakosta Technology=Assisted Workflow Vendor
Julia Becker Pharmacy Quality Consultant
Lisa Bollman-Streich Healthcare Consumer
Carissa Bortugno Director of Clinical Support Services
Gerrit Boyle Disaster Medical Facilities + Healthcare Consumer
Erich Brechtelsbauer Health System Pharmacy Manager
Karen Brennan Pharmacy Director (Children)
Wendy Bromberek Pharmacy Manager
Ryen Brumbeloe Pharmacy Technology Implementation
Erin Buckley Pharmacy Manager
Heidi Budreau Healthcare Marketing
Peter Canter Pharmacist + Clean Room Expert
Mark Carlson US State Department
Cheli Corrin Pharmacy Technician
Rachel Cohen Medication Safety Advocate
Griffin Connors Compounding Quality Supervisor
Patricia Conover Healthcare Consumer
Joe Constantin IV-WMS Technology Provider
Will S. Cooper Pharmacist, Medication Management & Clinical Pharmacy Informatics
Jeanette Cox Pharmacist
Eric Cropp Patient Safety Advocate
John Daniel Pharmacy Director
GiGi Davidson Pharmacist, Regulatory Leader
Brad Blackwell Pharmacist
Melvyn Davis Pharmacist + Sterile Compounding Consultant
Seth DePasquale Pharmacist
Doug Descalzi IV-WMS Robotics Developer
Nilesh Desai Pharmacist
Lou Diorio Pharmacist, Consultant
Ryan Doyle IV-WMS Provider
Ashley Duty Pharmacy Manager
Paula Dycaico Medical Technology Marketing
Jackie Elkin Medical Device Expert
Cynthia Elliott Pharmacist
Al Erisman Healthcare Consumer
Carlos Estrada Pharmacy Technician
Sandra Fadous Pharmacist
Marisa Fienup Medical Marketing
Rebecca Frederick Pharmacy Operations Manager
Steven Garber Author + Consumer
Michael Gaunt Pharmacist + Medication Safety Expert
Cindy Gayte Healthcare Consumer
Larry Gibson IV-WMS Developer
Jacqueline Gladstone Inpatient Pharmacy Coordinator
Reid Gliddon Pharmacy Manager
Christopher Gregory Clinical Pharmacist, Sterile Compounding Supervisor
Mark Gwinn Medication-Safety Technology
Jay Hachey IV-WMS Technology Development
Jude Handley Medication Safety Consultant
Nathan Hanson Pharmacist
David Hardy RPh, VP Pharmacy, GPO
Christian Hay Healthcare Bar Code Standards
Therese Helser Pharmacy Director
Shannon Hendricks IV Room Manager
Martin Hesky Pharmacy Director
Jennifer Hillman Pharmacy Director
Wade Hodges Retired Pharmacy Director
Doug Holroyd Pharmacy Director
Charlotte Hook Pharmacy Technician Supervisor
Melanie Horn Sterile Compounding Coordinator Pharmacist
Robert Houde RPh, Infusion Therapy Technology
William Humphrey Director of Pharmacy Operations
Jeff Hurren Pharmacist
Mindy Hsu PharmD MBA
Amanda Jacobs IV Technology Provider
Colton Jones Pharmacist
Ronak Kadakia IV Technology Provider
Yevgeniya Kogan Pharmacist, Sterile Compounding Manager
Karim Kerawala IT Developer
Patricia Kienle Pharmacist, Medication Safety Expert
Lynda Kiliany Pharmacist, IV Coordinator
Jim Killion Healthcare Consumer
Bruce Leavitt Pharmacist
Kuldip Patel Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer
Christoph Lehman Physician + Medical Informaticist
Jim Toohey Pharmacy Director + Consultant
Richard LaFrance Director of Pharmacy and Oncology Drug Research
John VanEeckhout Chief Pharmacy Officer, Pediatrics
Michael Powell Pharmacy Director + Consultant
Mitch Wood Pharmacy Director, Health Systems Pharmacy Consultant
Michelle Martin Pharmacy Compounding Compliance Coordinator
Olivier Martin Consultant
Roland Massaad Pharmacist
James McDonald Pharmacist
Jim McLachlan Healthcare Consumer
James Rinehart Pharmacist + Consultant
Kathryn Manfull Pharmacist
Nilson Malta Pharmacy Informatics Manager
Ken Menser Clinical Consultant Pharmacist
Nicole Mollenkopf Medication Safety Expert
Rob Mains Pharmacist + Drug Packaging
Jim Lund Pharmacy Director
Rich Lunak Technology Venture
Mary Nazzal Cleanroom Consultant
Doris Nessem Pharmacist
Tina Nester Pharmicist + IV Specialist
Kevin Newton Technology Engineer
Andrea Nosek Healthcare Marketing
Katie Novotny Pharmacist
Don O'Brian Pharmacist
Lori Lotterman Pharmacist, Medication Safety Systems
Karen Lin Pharmacist
Jeff Patchett Hospital Pharmacist
Craig Paulson Realtor + Healthcare Consumer
Ken Perez Healthcare IT Executive and Consumer
Frank Peropat IV-WMS Technology
Cinda Peters Healthcare Consumer
Angela Powell Hospital Pharmacist
Brittany Prendergast Hospital Pharmacist
Daniel Priest IV-WMS Develoment
Kimberly Reed Oncology Pharmacist
Carrie Reedy Pharmacist
Patricia Roberts Pharmacist
Judi Jacobi Pharmacist Consultant
Marian Robinson Medical Marketing
Arthur Roby Hospital Pharmacist, Compounding Specialist
Audrey Ruotolo Pharmacist
Kenneth Runyon Pharmacist
Michael Ryan Pharmacy Consultant, Compounding Specialist
Deb Sadowski Pharmacist
Cathi Sagstad Healthcare Consumer
Jessica Sasser Technician
Kathleen Schmerler Pharmacist, IV Supervisor
Christina Scolieri IV-WMS Technology Provider
Jason Scott Pharmacy Technician, IV-WMS Technology Development
Elaine Senff Pharmacist
Amelia Sherman Pharmacy IV Compliance Specialist
Fred Smith Healthcare Consumer
Leah Solomon Pharmacist + Medication Safety Expert
Steve Speth Pharmacy Director, Retired
Marco Stankovic Pharmacist Specialty Infusion
Elaine Strauss Pharmacist + Consultant
Heather Strawn Pharmacist
Keith Streckenbach Pharmacy Technology Provider
Susan Streckenbach Pharmacy Technology Provider
Michel Terry Corporate Attorney
Steve Thomas Medication Technology Executive
Keith Thomasset Chief Pharmacy Officer
Sally Tice Health System IV/OR Clinical Coordinator
Miranda Toledo Medical Device Marketing
Jon Tomin Health Technology Executive
Martin Torres Pharmacy Director
Josh Troike Pharmacist
Vicky Turberville-Vega
Mark Wagner Pharmaceutical Marketing
Jonathan Webb Asst Director of Pharmacy
Kimberly Williams RN
Jessica Wilson Pharmacy Technician
Nathan Wooten Director of Pharmacy
Doris Wong Pharmacist
Dennis Wright IV-WMS Technology Expert + Provider
Kathy Lawson Pharmacist
Agnes Lawless Healthcare Consumer
Peter Lareau Grandfather and Healthcare Consumer
Patricia Lareau Grandmother and Healthcare Consumer
Ryan Lampien Pharmacist
Jason Zybert Pharmacist
Ivan Kurilov Compounding Technology Developer
Maggie Kronz Pharmacist
Nancy Lambright Pharmacy Technician
Joni Kripal Technology Provider + Consumer
Terry Kramer CPhT/PTCB Pharmacy Technician
Chris Lomax IV Pumps
Marissa Fineup Medical Technology
Scott Shepard Pharmacist